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Traditions in Thyme
Photography props galore...great custom made little beds!

Featured photo by Eyeris Photography ~ BC Canada


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Little Beds
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Quaint 'n Rustic Bed
You'll love this locally handcrafted and very sturdy bed!
Beds will all be very similar, but with old wood, it can
 vary just a tad bit.  15" w x 24" l    

 $89.95    Buy it!  

Dakota Heritage Bed
Distressed in a Vintage Aqua, this locally handcrafted bed
is very sturdy and will take lots of use! Made from old weathered wood,
and measures 15"w x 24"l  

Buy it!


Just listed!

Solid Wood Spindle Bed
A unique bed to make top quality newborn photos!
 Measures 24" l  x 17" h x 14.5"w. 

 $149.95    Vintage Style    White   Distressed Teal


Little Baby Bed
Perfect for photographing those li'l ones! Bedding is not included.
13 1/2" w x  23 1/2" l  x  11 1/2" h  

$59.95    Espresso Brown     Blossom White    


"I just love using your product as a part of my photography!  It enables me to take a portrait and turn it into Art.  I love the textures, colors, and quality of your bowls! 
Not only do I use them in my studio for newborns, but I have been taking them into the field {literally!} and putting 6month-9month old babies in the trenchbowl for additional
texture in the image!  Parents love this because it keeps their baby off the ground and I love it because it adds an extra element to my images!  Parents specifically request
that I use your trenchbowls for their babies! Amazing Product for any Baby Photographer!!"  

Robbie from RobbieLynne Photography


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